Doc On The Road

With Dr. John Trimble

About Dr. John Trimble

Dr. John is a 100% P&T disabled American Veteran of the US Army Paratroopers, a doctor of psychology, and Veteran Coach Manager at VA Claims Insider (VACI). Now he’s on a mission to help other veterans heal through self-therapy by traveling across America with one goal: speaking at every stop about how we can all be better caregivers for our own mental health! Listen to Dr. John! New episodes every Tuesday!

If you are a veteran and have filed a VA disability claim, have been denied, have received a low rating, or you’re unsure how to get started, reach out to VACI. Click on the button below to learn how.

Work with Dr. John’s team at VA Claims Insider

Dr. John is a Veteran Coach Manager at VA Claims Insider. His team works with clients within the Elite Membership program, which is intended to help veterans Mastermind with fellow disabled veterans to educate them on the VA Claims Process. The Elite Membership program also can connect you with qualified independent medical professionals for evaluations and Medical Nexus Letters (aka, DBQ-Disability Benefits Questionnaires, IMO-Independent Medical Opinions, and Medical Nexus Letters) if needed.

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“I have always been motivated by helping other Veterans. An Airborne buddy told me about VACI and I decided to look into it. Seeing how many Veterans are willing to help other Veterans become successful, I knew I wanted to be a part of this movement.” – Dr. John Trimble